Wills, Estate Administration, Litigation

We can prepare your Will, Power of Attorney, Living Will (Healthcare Directive) and other documents.  Palumbo Renaud & DeAppolonio LLC represents executors and administrators in fulfilling their obligations as the fiduciary of the estate.  Palumbo Renaud & DeAppolonio LLC provides guidance and representation at each step of estate administration from appointment of the fiduciary at the surrogate’s office to drafting an accounting of the estate to final disbursement of the estate.  We also represent individuals in a variety of litigated probate matters such as:

  • Will contests
  • Claims of breach of a fiduciary duty
  • Claims of undue influence

We strive to help our clients navigate these serious and emotionally challenging situations.

Sometimes these types of matters can be resolved by virtue of negotiated settlements.  However, our team has years of experience litigating these matters when an expeditious and acceptable resolution cannot be reached by negotiations.